Don't make friends with bad persons, who are negatives or hurt you pyshically and mentally; it makes sense. Don't marry them, it makes sense. Don't make friends or don't have married with someone who are not in your race, your tribe, who don't have faith in the same religion as yours; it doesn't make sense. At all. You are not Hitler. And we've passed millenium, people. All we need is love. Peace, MG.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Running out of time

You know what day I'm staring at, Michael.
By 22, Ghandi had 3 kids; Motzart, 37 symphonies; and Buddy Holly was dead.
Tyler (Remember Me)

Now I'm 22 and I should doing my thesis instead of starring at the internet.
I have dreams, plans, high motivation, amazing partner.
One thing I still working on it: time management. It's hard folks.

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  1. its not about time management, its about letting go; its about, well you know what Im talking about... right?