Don't make friends with bad persons, who are negatives or hurt you pyshically and mentally; it makes sense. Don't marry them, it makes sense. Don't make friends or don't have married with someone who are not in your race, your tribe, who don't have faith in the same religion as yours; it doesn't make sense. At all. You are not Hitler. And we've passed millenium, people. All we need is love. Peace, MG.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Love Lost

Our love was lost
But now we've found it
Our love was lost
And hope was gone

Hope/ həʊp/ noun 1 desire and expectation that something good will happen
2 person or thing that will help you get what you want:
You're my last ~ *

I have flashed my heart
And I hope you won't mistreat it
I have kept you in my mind
And now I'm ready
To be with you every time

Our love was lost
But now we've found

*Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary 3rd edition

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  1. Nice video! And here's wishing you a super fantastic 2011!