Don't make friends with bad persons, who are negatives or hurt you pyshically and mentally; it makes sense. Don't marry them, it makes sense. Don't make friends or don't have married with someone who are not in your race, your tribe, who don't have faith in the same religion as yours; it doesn't make sense. At all. You are not Hitler. And we've passed millenium, people. All we need is love. Peace, MG.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I need to make appointment with him. as. soon. as. possible.

(Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)


  1. I think, umm, me too. I need to make sure that the twist of faith will bring us together, no matter what did we do to separate ourselves.

    Like, I not really want to be apart. At all.

  2. Haha I also don't want to be apart but I wouldn't want to be someone who doen's want to be with me anymore. In my opinion, person like that doesn't meant to be with us. It's such a waste to make them love us anymore because you don't have to try hard to make someone who really loves you, loves you (as Juno said). Let's the universe does his job Tit, life happens.

    You deserve better, a person who loves you and wants to be with you and who could make you love him without trying so hard (: